Issa Thabit Mchisa

Issa Thabit was born in 1969. After primary school he joined his older brothers to work in TACS in Dar es Salaam. Ever since then he has been one of the most active members.

Issa loves to tell stories with his paintings. He keeps inventing fancy scenes with sparkling imagination and funny details. The animals often behave like humans, like in his illustrations for the picture book "Wie die Tiere ihre Farben bekamen" (How the Animals Got Their Colours), a story written by Agnes Mpata.

This style, which had first been used by John Kilaka, was developed further by Issa. He puts the animals in beautiful African landscapes, and became a master in painting sunset sceneries.

He also developed new plans which nobody other masters like him: Jungle scenes, where animals and plants seem to melt into the background. Another specialty are his green-only frog paintings. He is one of the most successful and promising painters for the future. There is not much time left for his hobbies soccer and traditional dance.
Issa is married and has three children.