Lukas Ndunguru

Lukas was born in 1987, he is one of the younger artists of TACS. And the story of his life is encouraging to others. When his parents separated, he had to quit primary school at grade 2 already, further education seemed to be out of reach. He started dreaming of emigration to South Africa or even Europe. But then his father married the daughter of a Tingatinga painter, and Lukas learned about the painting school. He started to paint in 2000, Mussa became his teacher. Lukas became a very accurate and ambitious painter. He started off with the smallest size of paintings (20x20).
Then the year 2007 came and changed his life. He sold many of his small artpieces at the African Market in Riehen (Basel, Switzerland) and with the revenue he opened an account and started evening school to catch up on education. He took the opportunity to learn English, which he likes a lot.
The success with the small artworks encouraged him to try larger sizes. He became a master of 45x45 fishponds soon, but also his paintings with different animals with Baobab trees or Kilimanjaro mountain were improving quickly.
Nowadays Lukas is on the track to become a wonderful and successful Tingatinga artist with good reputation. He does not dream of Europe anymore...