Mwamedi Rajabu Chiwaya

Mwamedi is the oldest son of the great Tingatinga artist Rajabu Chiwaya, who died in 2004.
He was born in 1978 in Dar es Salaam, where he also attended his primary education. While still in primary school he was taught to paint by his late father Rajabu Chiwaya. Though very young, people noticed his talent and immediatelly after school he became a member of Tingatinga Art. 
Mwamedi's father passed away and left him to take care of his mother and eight young brothers and sisters. This was hard to him but also a challenge to work very hard. He created a lot of plans different from others in order to become more successful than his colleagues.
Mwamedi is one of the young generation that Tingatinga is proud of and his works have been shown in Switzerland, Japan, France and other countries. His vision is always to work hard in order to achieve better life. "Nothing comes easily" he says. Today he lives with his family in Mbagala, a district of Dar es Salaam, where he managed to build a house. He is married and has one son. Mwamedi also taught four of his young brothers to paint and they are good artists now.  
Not only is he very skilled, he also paints very carefully and exact in details. Customers like his paintings with two or three giraffes and birds as well as paintings with just many birds.