Zena Ally Salum

Zena Ally Salum was born in 1980 in Morogoro. After completing school she helped her parents in the farm. In 2003 Zena came to the city to follow her sister who was married to Daudi Tingatinga. Zena was inspired by her brother in law and she asked him to teach how to paint. While still painting, she fall in love to Mussa Wasia who is also a Tingatinga artist and they got married in 2005. The following year her sister passed away due to child labour leaving behind a three month old kid and two others. Zena had no choice but to take care of the three children together with her two children with little assistance from Daudi. Unfortunately the little assistance is no more after Daudi passed away in May 2015.
We, the other artists, consider her as a strong woman and she had been holding some leaderships in the cooperative. In November 2017 she was elected vice chairman.

Zena likes painting birds and fish. She will work very hard and make sure her children and those of her sister get the best in their life, she said.